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Pocket scales date back to the 1600's. The standard metal hanging pocket scale is a replica of a 400 years old Italian pocket scale! The mini Pocket Scale became popular during the Gold Rush years of 1848-1855. Gold Miners and prospectors needed a scale that they could easily carry with them to weight their gold. Before that, pocket scales were mostly used to reload muskets bullets.
Weighing scale
Medium Scales
Medium Scales

Mini Scales 0.01g/0.001g
Mini Scales 0.01g/0.001g

Pocket Scales 0.1g
Pocket Scales 0.1g

6 x Colorful Measuring Cups 7.5, 15, 60, 80, 125, 250ml,
Zoom In
6 x Colorful Measuring Cups 7.5, 15, 60, 80, 125, 250ml
5 x Colorful Measuring Spoons 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 15ml,
Zoom In
5 x Colorful Measuring Spoons 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 15ml
Mini Scale 500/0.1g,
Zoom In
Mini Scale 500/0.1g
Parcel Scale 50Kg/5g,
Zoom In
Parcel Scale 50Kg/5g
Digital Mini Scale 1000/0.1g,
Zoom In
Digital Mini Scale 1000/0.1g
Mobile Phone Scale 500/0.1g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale, Stealth scale
Zoom In
Mobile Phone Scale 500/0.1g
Luggage Scale with LCD Display, hanging scale
Luggage Scale with LCD Display
Price Computing Scale 350/0.1g,
Price Computing Scale 350/0.1g
Ultra Thin & Smallest Pocket Scale 50/0.01g,
Ultra Thin & Smallest Pocket Scale 50/0.01g
Marble Top Scale 500/0.1g,
Marble Top Scale 500/0.1g
iPhone Scale 500/0.1g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
iPhone Scale 500/0.1g
Mobile Phone Scale 550/0.1g, Stealth scale
Mobile Phone Scale 550/0.1g
Mouse Scale 100/0.01g, Stealth scale, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
Mouse Scale 100/0.01g
Scale 1000/0.1g w. Magnifier, Hidden Scale
Scale 1000/0.1g w. Magnifier
Lighter Scale 100/0.01g, Stealth scale, Hidden Scale, Zippo shaped Scale, Cocaine Scale, Coke, stash digital scale
Lighter Scale 100/0.01g
Scale 100/0.01g w. Magnifier, stash digital scale
Scale 100/0.01g w. Magnifier
Heavy Duty Scale 330/0.1Kg,
Heavy Duty Scale 330/0.1Kg
Palm Scale 700g/0.1g - Price Computing, palmscale
Palm Scale 700g/0.1g - Price Computing
Ashtray Scale 500/0.1g, Hidden Scale, stash digital scale
Ashtray Scale 500/0.1g
Pocket Scale 300g/0.1g,
Pocket Scale 300g/0.1g
Laramie Cigarette Case Scale 500/0.1g,
Laramie Cigarette Case Scale 500/0.1g
Cigarette Case Scale 300/0.1g,
Cigarette Case Scale 300/0.1g
Scale 300/0.1g,
Scale 300/0.1g
Scale Nitro Minicard 1000-450g/0.1g,
Scale Nitro Minicard 1000-450g/0.1g
Scale Fz 600g/0.1g,
Scale Fz 600g/0.1g
Heavy Duty Diamond Scale 20g/<b>0.001g</b>,
Heavy Duty Diamond Scale 20g/0.001g
Digital Compact Scale 6000g/1g,
Digital Compact Scale 6000g/1g
Digital Compact Scale 3000g/1g,
Digital Compact Scale 3000g/1g
Weigh Scale Ultra-50/75,
Weigh Scale Ultra-50/75
Calibration Weight 5g/10g/20g/50g/100g,
Calibration Weight 5g/10g/20g/50g/100g
Bilancia Elettronica NGEN - 200g/0,1g,
Bilancia Elettronica NGEN - 200g/0,1g
Pocket rubberized digitalscale 1000/0.1g,
Pocket rubberized digitalscale 1000/0.1g
Spring Scale, Hanging Scale, Dynamometer
Spring Scale
Finger Scale, Letter Scale
Finger Scale

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